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Digital Human Library is a not-for-profit organization advancing K-12 education as Canada’s premier digital experiential learning library. Through Canada’s largest network of Canadian teachers, industry leaders, experts, and collaborative community partnerships, dHL creates opportunities for teachers and students to engage in connections-based learning choosing from 3 types of virtual learning catalogues:

Register and log in to browse our FREE catalogue of dHL Experts available for loan. Choose from hundreds of industry leaders, experts, and organizations in all K-12 curriculum subject areas. Connect by video conference and engage students in virtual programs, Q&A, career talks, and mentorships at a time that works for you.

NEW! LLC 2018-2019 Program Calendar

Live Learning Canada* delivers hundreds of curriculum-based live streamed educational programs to support experiential learning for Canadian K-12 students. Our new calendar of events for the 2018-2019 academic year has launched thanks to input from our education and content partners. We are thrilled to have many of our existing providers return, and we are just as excited to announce that a number of new providers will be joining us.
Registrations begin mid-August 2018

*Live Learning Canada Founding Partners: Digital Human Library, Streamable Learning, Royal Botanical Gardens, Royal Tyrrell Museum, and Royal BC Museum

Browse the largest collection of FREE educational multi-media virtual tours on the web, including 360° panoramas, live cameras, videos, VR and more. Choose from hundreds of tours in all curriculum subject areas and explore new places around the world from your classroom.

Be sure to check out the variety of  Social Innovation Projects and resources for the classroom as well—like Global Connections for Teachers and Students, and tips about getting the most from your Digital Human Library experience.

I hope you take some time to look around and learn more about how the dHL is designed to support your digital experiential learning needs.

Leigh Cassell
Founder and President, Digital Human Library

National Social Innovation Project


A Kids’ Guide to Canada

A Kids’ Guide to Canada is a FREE grass-roots, teacher-led initiative inviting your K-8 classes to help create the very first multicultural and interactive guide to Canada made by kids and for kids — in English, French, and Indigenous languages. The Kids’ Guide project also provides exciting new activities to give all children in Canada a chance to get to know one another and learn about cross cultural, language, and geographic differences. Join us on our mission to help our kids grow up in a new culture of understanding, empathy, and respect. (TRC 63.3)


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