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Digital Human Network brings field trip to the classroom. @LeighCassell rocking the house! ~ #ade2015Kristi Meeuwse (@KristiMeeuwse) July 12, 2015

@LeighCassell Thanks for sharing, Leigh. It’s awesome to see how Ryan has used the service to connect to more kids around the world! — Skype for Business (@SkypeBusiness) June 18, 2015

@LeighCassell we had our first DHL enabled vid conference @RBGCanada last week, 2nd booked tomorrow. So easy! Great experience! #kinderchat
Joanne Borges (@technologyLDSB) May 28, 2015

I can’t wait to spend some time exploring the Digital Human Library. Awesome, @leighcassell! #ADE2015 http://t.co/TzsGZedvTxCarolyn Skibba (@skibtech) July 12, 2015

I’m lucky to get to do what I do because I get to connect with awesome people like @LeighCassell. Just an inspirational and awesome person. — George Couros (@gcouros) October 21, 2014

Check out http://t.co/oMb6Ni5hcX for more tips on sharing and learning @LeighCassellOTF/FEO (@otffeo) May 31, 2014

love the idea of @LeighCassell as way to connect field trip experience to the class! @CanConnectEd #videoconference #inquirybasedlearningHeather Myrvold (@Heathermyrvold) May 9, 2014

@Avonova with a great group @AC_Stratford @LeighCassell – such a cool use of tech in the classroom! Virtual fieldtrip to the North Pole! — joani gerber (@joanigerber) December 4, 2013

amazing educator @LeighCassell w/ amazing idea this week at #ecoo13. List of experts to conference with your classes http://t.co/Qwnfrw5hElHarry C. Blyleven (@hblyleven) October 27, 2013

Ok class, we’re going on a field trip. Not leaving the classroom though. @LeighCassell tells us how. #education http://t.co/gzNpgADugI
OntarioMorning (@CBCOntMorning) March 19, 2013

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