Public Libraries

The Digital Human Library is reaching out to work with Public Libraries throughout Ontario in an effort to promote literacy, add a new program to your learning commons, and strengthen the relationships between our public libraries and school communities.

On June 10, 2013 the dHL hosted the first Huron County Public Library Virtual Library Program presented to the staff, students, parents, and community members at Exeter Public School and Stephen Central Public School, AMDSB. 

Virtual Library Programs

Public libraries interested in partnering with the dHL will be supported as they create live virtual programs that take teachers, students, parents, and community members on guided tours of their community libraries to learn about the wide variety of resources available for loan, as well as the exciting array of programs our public libraries offer community members every year.

The first program, offered in the fall annually, might feature a guided tour of the library, information about the library’s history, an overview of the resources available for loan, as well information about the fun programs available for students and their families over the winter.  The second program, offered in the spring annually, would then showcase new resources available for loan, the library’s summer programs, as well special events.  And these are only examples of what could be shared with hundred’s of students in a 20 or 30 minute program twice a year. Your Virtual Library Program can be anything you want it to be.  And the dHL is here to help you create a live virtual program that is exciting and engaging for everyone.

If you are interested in working more closely with schools in your community, please contact me about the ways in which the Digital Human Library would like to support you! Let’s work together to promote literacy within our communities, and strengthen the relationships between our public libraries and schools.

A Library Card for Every Student

The Digital Human Library has partnered with the AMDSB and the public libraries that service every school in the district to provide a library card for every student in AMDSB. After working together for a year with the CEO’s from the Huron and Perth Public Libraries, in the fall of 2015 every students in the AMDSB will have a library card. We believe that by providing students with access to library resources, we are creating more opportunities for students to improve their literacy skills and build positive community relationships.

The K.I.T Card Program is described in detail in the following documents:

Partnership Agreement_AMDSB_HPLibraries_2015

KIT Card Info Sheet 2015

KIT Card Registration Form 2015

KIT Card Survey 2015

KIT Card Letter Home (to be distributed when library cards are handed out)

Digital Human Library in Your Learning Commons

Are you looking for new programs to add to your Library Learning Commons? The Digital Human Library has curated hundreds virtual field trips and guest speakers available for loan during your events. Ask us how!

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