A Message for dHL Experts

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  ~ Margaret Mead

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining Digital Human Library!  One of the greatest ways you will give back to your community is to get involved in education.  Your contributions to this initiative not only bring classrooms and communities together, but have a profound effect on the lives of our students.  For more information about joining Digital Human Library, please refer to the FAQ’s page, or contact us.

Registering as a dHL Expert

dHL Experts connect with students to support learning in classrooms in their local regions, provinces/ territories, across Canada and in some cases around the world. dHL Experts are people like you—people who want to make a difference in the lives of our students. Registering for Digital Human Library involves creating a profile, which includes information like Areas of Expertise (What are your skills?), Program Description (What will you share?), and Program Format (Career Talk, Educational Program, Inquiry Support/ Q&A, Mentorship)

By registering, you are agreeing to receive and respond to emails from classroom teachers who are interested in connecting with you. It is always up to you to decide if, and when you would like to work with the teachers that contact you. Teachers understand you may not always be available. Learn more about registering as a dHL Expert by visiting our FAQs page.



Tips for dHL Experts

Student Safety

Experts are not permitted to film or record video conferences with students unless they have obtained written permission ahead of time from the classroom teacher. If you have any questions about our policy which is further outlined in our Terms of Use please contact us.

Let the Collaboration Begin

Teachers will search Digital Human Library for Experts (you!) like they would search for books in a library. Once a teacher has found the right Expert, s/he will contact you using email, our booking form, or as indicated in your profile.  Teachers have been asked to include the following information in their introductory emails:

  • name
  • school, grade taught, and number of students in the class
  • curriculum subject area
  • program request and learning goals (What they want their students to learn from you)
  • format for the video conferencing program (Career Talk, Educational Program, Inquiry Support/ Q&A, Mentorship)
  • date and time for the program

Teachers understand that many dHL Experts are volunteering their time to connect with students, and they realize that Experts may not always be available.  Teachers know that it is their responsibility to help prepare you for the distance learning program.  The BIG idea is not only to connect teachers and students with the right experts, but to make these video conferencing programs as engaging and interactive as possible.  Please refer to the dHL Expert Checklist to help you get started!

Ways to Engage Students

This may be understood, but the more you can engage students (your audience) the better.  Here are some suggestions you can discuss with the classroom teacher to make your video conferencing program as engaging as possible. See Ways to Engage Students.

dHL Expert Introductions

It is the teacher’s responsibility to prepare a brief introduction for you.  Some dHL Experts may prefer to provide teachers with an introduction they have written themselves, but it is not necessary.  Every introduction has three goals: get attention, spark interest, and build anticipation.  It is helpful if you provide some information about yourself and your topic to teachers so you can be properly introduced.  See dHL Expert Introductions for more information.

Guest Speaking Tips for dHL Experts

In this section you will find a few more tips about how to make the most of your dHL video conferencing program. dHL Expert Guest Speaking Tips coming soon!

dHL Expert Sample Videos

These videos showcase samples of programs being offered by Digital Human Library Experts. If you are an dHL Expert (content provider) and would like to share a video highlighting one of your programs being delivered in schools please contact us.

Download your dHL Expert Badge

Download your dHL Expert Badge and post it on your website or blog! Help spread the word to bring even more connections-based learning opportunities to kids across Canada.


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